This is Jarvis...where we make things happen.

Jarvis machinery is USDA and CE approved, and manufactured to exacting
quality standards for years of trouble-free operation.

In addition to sheep, Jarvis also manufactures a full line of tools for beef, pork, and poultry. Jarvis also now supplies equipment for fresh fruit and vegetable processing and seafood processing.

As you view the sheep processing machinery, remember the reputation behind the name Jarvis, and then decide which tools fit your needs.

525-1 Manual Hock Cutter
425-16 Manual Hock Cutter
423-17 Brisket Scissors
425-20 Hock Cutter
CV-1 Steam Vac
AHC-2 Automatic Hock Cutter
Low Voltage Immobilizer
LVSTIM Low Voltage Stimulator 
ASS-1 Electric Stunners
ASC-1 Automatic Hock Cutter
AHD-1 Automatic Head Dropper
ABS-1 Automatic Brisket Saw
VEE Restrainer
SER-03 Reciprocating Breaking Saw


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